Solar LED Driver

The Solar LED Driver is a solar charger that incorporates 3 features into one system: charging function, LED lighting driver and RF communication. A controller with 3 individually controlled outputs, supporting voltages up to 30V to 700mA (max).
The combination of the Solar LED Driver and the SInGeLu platform allows you to reduce power consumption up to 40%.


Control and management of energy

RF-type (868 MHz) wireless communications capable of integrating luminaires into the network.

Possibility of integration with the SInGeLu lighting management platform.

Solar LED Driver

Intelligent lighting controller


Operating temperature
Max supply voltage
Battery charge
189 x 78.2 x 37.5 mm -20°C to 80°C 52 VDC by PWM


Real time control and monitoring

History of consumption and luminous flux

Customizable time profiles that are easy to configure Integrates communication technologies to increase efficiency and effectiveness

Integra tecnologias de comunicação a fim de aumentar a eficiência e a eficácia

Control of luminaire temperature and current intensity