Full control of the building

Axis is an integrated building management platform used to manage the existing technology. All services installed in the infrastructure are integrated into the AXIS system through an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The management system gathers information related to different operating systems through a single interface. This makes monitoring and analysis simpler and more effective.


An integrated management platform

Adaptable to any building

Advanced System Analytics

Axis is an integrated building management platform designed to manage existing building technology.

The platform gathers real-time information from different infrastructure, lighting, energy management, electric vehicle charging, irrigation and more.

Whom is intended

Axis is intended for infrastructure managers, operators and service providers.

Combining efficient management with cost savings, energy statistics and assisting planning of maintenance and repair of the equipment, you will ensure the adequate parameters for your infrastructure.

Featured solutions

Axis provides a single front-end interface, through which all the subsystems are managed

Artistic Lighting

System that allows you to create different reactions to lighting

Ambient Sound

Play audio over the internet


Monitor and schedule watering profiles


Virtual emergency button to adjust your luminaires to maximum brightness

Key features

Dynamic regulation

Scheduling and parameterization of time profiles by luminaire or group of luminaires.

Real-Time Data

Automatic analysis and evaluation of infrastructure data, including status reports and failure alerts.

Map-Based Visualization

A map representation of each luminaire, allowing the user to easily select, manage and control the luminaires.


Allows measurement and communication with your luminaires.


Allows users to set and create different reactions of the system, responding to the information compiled by the Axis platform.


Allows the integration of sensors to automatically control the luminous flux.


It allows the virtual integration of an emergency button to activate the luminaires with maximum brightness.

Anomaly detection

Individual reference configurations allow users to easily detect and identify anomalies in the system's behavior.



An investment with guaranteed future benefits.

Energy saving

Real time monitoring

Maintenance cost reduction

Remote management

Wireless platform

Efficient and sustainable management

Unique and intuitive interface