Global Energy Meter

Over the time, energy consumption has gained importance not only because of environmental concerns, but also because of the associated costs.
In this sense, there was a need to implement measures and actions that translated into significant energy savings, which led us to develop the GEM, allowing remote monitoring of a power grid making all its consumption available in real time through a web interface.


Sustainable and efficient solution

The use of more efficient technologies allows us in a more sustainable and effective way, to reduce energy consumption and detect anomalies through real-time monitoring, and thus establish good conducts in the use of energy


Energy efficiency and remote monitoring


The main function of GEM is to monitor energy consumption of three-phase circuits.

The data collected by the equipment will later be transported to a web platform through the direct connection to the existing network, which allows us to consult them, build reports and analyze the global consumption of the residential, commercial or industrial installation, and consequently check and optimize measures of energy efficiency.


The GEM allows those who manage the system to take advantage of a series of parameters such as: Optimization of electrical energy, characterization of the electrical loads of the installation, detection of anomalous consumption (overvoltages, undervoltages, peaks of current), power adequacy hired.


106,5 x 55 x 90 mm 3W DIN rail or panel


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote software update
  • Web access to equipment
  • Parameters available in real-time: instantaneous and average voltage, current, instantaneous and average power, energy totalizer, frequency and power factor


  • Visualization of data in tables and graphs
  • History can be filtered and organized
  • Export of data (totalizers, average and instant values)
  • Setting voltage and frequency variation limits. Alarm when they are exceeded
  • Management of equipment users and associated profiles
  • For single-phase and three-phase circuits


Energy savings

Reduced maintenance cost

Reduced light pollution and CO2 emissions

Remote management and monitoring

Wireless platform