Interactive Whiteboard

Our interactive whiteboard allows you to use all the features present on the personal computer. Operating directly on the surface of the board, you can edit documents, manipulate files, use applications, play audio and video, and visit web sites, allowing you to share and act with the audience on evolving work, facilitating communication between stakeholders.


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Interactive whiteboards are an essential tool for communicating and working in teams, used regularly in schools, training and the business environment.

Interactive Whiteboard

Technology and durability for your company

2GB Flash Memory

The 2GB memory built into the interactive whiteboard enables easy document storage for all users of the frame, not wasting time sending it via email or storing it on other devices for sharing information.

Plug & Play

To make the connection process easier, the our interactive whiteboard is now Plug & Play. This improvement allowed the user to have faster and easier access to the interactive whiteboard. There is no time wasted looking for files or installing programs or drivers.
The interactive whiteboard does not require any specific software.


56" 1300mm x 996mm x 42mm 15,7 kg
78" 1793mm x 1326mm x 42mm 23 kg
96" 2285mm x 1326mm x 42mm 27,9 kg


Touch system
LED Technology
Low consumption
High precision
Quick typing


Dry Erase
Low reflection
Easy to clean and maintain
No electronics
High resistance to scratches


Surface: 25 years
Electronics: 5 years



Easy to clean

Tough and durable

Plug & Play

Flash memory