The HPSV V3 is a solution for intelligent control of outdoor street lighting and indoor lighting. It is installed inside the luminaire.
Allows you to convert a conventional system into a connected intelligent lighting system. For public and private lighting managers, this is a complete and effective solution that can reduce the energy costs, pollution and CO2 emissions of cities.


Interconnect the lights

The HPSV V3 interacts with the Gateway by RF connectivity.

Users can also connect themselves to the Gateway via Wi-Fi with their devices and get access to the management platform.


Smart lighting controller


150 x 60 x 30 mm 300 g Stainless Steel

Key features

  • Version with astronomical clock available.
  • External relay output, for total power cut downstream of the controller.
  • The brightness level can be set manually and / or automatically by time profiles, motion sensors and / or brightness sensors.
  • Up to 4 diferent operating time profiles.
  • Accelerometer for dropped or unstable lighting post detection.
  • Bright flow ramp function to correctly simulate the brightness of sunset and sunrise.
  • Radio communication in mesh protocol under the ISM network for remote telemaintenance platform, through a unique serial number.
  • Possibility of integration in SInGeLu and Axis management remote platform.
  • Fault protection. In the case of a malfunction the luminaire stays on.


The HPSV V3 can be used to control outdoor lighting such as parking, public squares, roads, pedestrian zones, sports centers and indoor lighting as residential buildings, industrial buildings, sport centers and sports hall.

Energy savings
Maintenance cost reduction
Reducing light pollution and CO2 emissions
Allows remote monitoring and control of equipments
Scalable network