Charging system

Electric charging system

Electric mobility is an important contribution to sustainable mobility and increased energy efficiency in transport.
A clean, low-cost alternative that uses a wider range of energy sources, including renewable energy.

Charging system

Future of cities

We believe that the future of our cities is aided by electric vehicles.
Globaltronic is aware of the evolution of our cities and that is why it has developed a charger for electric vehicles.

GLBT EV Charger

With a compact design, the GLBT EV Charger is the perfect solution for charging your electric vehicle when parked. The system allows electric vehicles to charge at home, condominiums, offices or establishments by providing type 3 mode 2 electric charging.


The GLBT EV Charger DIN is powered by 230 VAC and it's configured as base of 32A load current. Supports positive and negative modulation according to SAE J1772 standard and is compatible with all electric vehicles.