We concluded the supply of our SinGeLu Management System for the construction of Parque Urbano da Ribeira da Archeira, in Gondomar.

This is a new park with a 2.9 km route, which connects the center of Gondomar to the Douro river.

For this project were supplied 231 HPSV_V4 controllers and 1 Gateway.

This project has one particularity, it will have an area for viewing fireflies. There will be placed Qrcodes that can be accessed through cell phones in which they will have access to a platform in which they can turn off the lights for 30 seconds and view the fireflies.

The result was a splendid lighting project and a brilliant contribution to the aesthetics of the area.

This work was done in partnership with the companies Construções Pardais and DAEL Iluminação Pública.

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