The project focuses on the development of immersive technologies, with the view to anticipate the future, making them more user-friendly.
It seeks to aggregate IoT and 5G connectivity to bring the best technologies to the industry, in order to face the typical challenges in the production zone, improve industrial processes (flexibility, efficiency, productivity, time-sensitive communications, etc.) and build a base for new business models and promoting the circular economy.

Scope of our ambition:

  • Next Generation Industrial Infrastructure
  • Smart Wearables
  • Energy Management
  • Interested parts:
    This project is part of the strategy of developing new technologies essential for Globaltronic, being managed by several of the consortium partners: Bosch, Fraunhofer, Altice Labs. There are also other interested parties such as the UA, Centi, FCUP and Lavoro.


  • Development of fall and slip detection algorithms and correspond IoT 5G device to alert and advise users.
  • Improvement of safety in the shop floor by adding a visualization and alert system.
  • Development of prototypes to advise users, using real time data and knowledge of historical data in an Energy Management context.
  • 5G Low Power IoT End Device for non-intrusive retrofitting of a legacy machine.
  • Next Generation of Industrial Infrastructures as enablers for a Flexible factory: “Line on a Box”.
  • Gateways as the easy to plug enabler to connect legacy equipment.
  • Previous state (external and internal):

  • Systems integrated with other parts of the employee’s body (eg waist) or shoes with fall detection only.
  • Similar Solutions but not for hazard areas or not integrated with an automatic scalable system.
  • Intelligent assistants and Energy Management Platforms already exist but they are mutually exclusive.