With a compact design, the EV2Share is the perfect solution for charging your electric vehicle when parked indoors and outdoors.
The system allows up to 3 electric vehicles to be charged at the same time, providing the type 2 connector and 3 charging mode.



The EV2Share can be wall mounted and used in condominiums, companies, offices and car fleet businesses.


Compact Charging Solution


Box dimensions
Protection index
320 x 240 x 100 mm 1.7 Kg Single-Phase: 2kW a 7kW (per charging unit) IP65


  • Three-phase and single-phase model (power);
  • Single-phase AC power from 8 A up to 32 A;
  • Mode 3 charging type;
  • Composition of 1 Master unit and plus 2 slave units (slave units can be applied or not);
  • Dock with cable and type 2 plug;
  • 5 meter cable;
  • Control and management unit for automatic control and communication with the electric vehicle;
  • Option: spiral-type cable with memory position;
  • Control and registration access;
  • Consumption record;
  • Dynamic charge regulation according to the number of vehicles charging and the available power in the switchboard;