New Stage Lighting System – RF COLOUR DMX

Introducing the new Scenic lighting control system in RGB AND RGBW with DMX512 protocol.

This system consists of Gateway DMX supervision equipment and RF Colour DMX control units that convert the radio frequency signal to RF 868MHz band in Mesh network, in DMX protocol.

The big news is that this new system allows the realization of a 3D preview of the intended effects, that is, we could simulate in real time the scenic lighting of the facades of buildings, monuments, etc.

Through the equipment supervision the gateway is possible to create several scenarios and with the new 3D visualization tool the user can recreate several scenarios and simulate them before running.

The system allows the creation of various lighting/decoration scenarios, with the 3D visualization tool, the user can recreate the scenarios and simulate before performing.

This new system is already implemented in the city of Braga, more specifically in the Braga Tourism Office, at the request of the client were created several scenarios for different occasions.